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Salt Lake City Blinds

Blinds, Curtains & Drapes in Salt Lake City

That's right! Park City Blind can also be found in Salt Lake City, too! Whether you are designing the interior of a home or simply looking for new window décor ideas, we are the solution. We offer a wide variety of Hunter Douglas window coverings, shades, blinds, shutters and more. If you have a home with bare windows and live in the valley of Salt Lake City – you have found the right place. Do you have windows that face the rising sun in the morning? Then motorized blinds and custom drapes may be your solution. Do you find that you are baking in the afternoon sunlight when the sun sets in the west? Have you thought about solar shades – or perhaps you do not have the right kind of window shades. Whatever your need and whatever your creative desire – our Salt Lake City blind team can make it happen. Window décor is so much more than simply hanging some plastic blinds up to keep out the sun. Your windows can be so much more with motorized blinds and drapes and curtains to liven up the room. Exterior shades will bring character and life to the outside of your home as well. The options and combinations of drapes, shades, blinds and curtains have rarely been seen anywhere else. Get the best of the best possible within your budget. That also includes the best customer service representatives who service not only Park City, but the Salt Lake City area as well! Our store is located in Kimball Junction, just 15 minutes from the mouth of Parleys Canyon. But don’t worry! We also provide on-site window dressing and fashion recommendations in Salt Lake City as well. A dedicated member of Park City Blind’s team will meet you at your home and provide an on-site quote with innovative ideas to liven up your home and brighten up your windows. Our company name might contain another city, but we are Salt Lake City’s primary resource for motorized blinds, custom drapes, window shades, and much more.
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